The 11th World Model Expo will host a highly varied selection of vendors and exhibitors to cater the needs of all visitors .

Our aim is to show the WME visitors everything that the world of miniatures has to offer, and that is why many different vendors  from all over the world will be present at the World Model Expo 2020.

With an expected attendance of over 5.000 visitors your attendance is, a must, without a doubt !Facebook-Icon-small

Are you interested in having a trade stand at the 11th World Model Expo ? 

In case you are interested in having a sales stand at the World Model Expo 2020,  we kindly ask you to spend  a few minutes of your time to fill out some basic contact details, so we can include you in the mailing list for the official invitation to register.

This special invite will be sent out late June 2019. Registration will not be possible before this date.

We hope to welcome you at the 2020 World Model Expo.


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Interested in having a stand at the 2020 World Model Expo?

Please sign up here, to be invited in June 2019 to register your stand and to receive our special WME 2020 newsletter for traders.

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