Join the chain gang! 

We can use helping hands for building up before, and breaking down after the show, and we also need additional photographers, and contest stewards.

Interested in joining the chain gang of this great event?  Check out the jobs below, and reach out to us by using the contact form below and find out about the perks we offer.

Indeed, we do offer something in return.


Build up crew

Not as heavy a job as it sounds.

Tables are already in place. What are we supposed to do then? Well, we have to put the contest displays together, including the lights, so a lot of assembly work. We also need to cover all tables with our black clothes, make sure all signs, banners and other small stuff and decoration is in place.

For this we could certainly use extra hands. Let us know if you’re an early bird and present at the venue on Thursday morning already. We start at 09:00 and especially the vendor tables need to be ready by lunchtime to receive the first vendors that come to build up their stands.

In fact, most of the work will be done around 15:00 already.

Lunch will be provided.

Required Thursday 30th June from 09:00 until 17:00 hrs (max.)

Break down crew

For the last men or women standing!

We will break down the show on Sunday immediately after the awards ceremony, and will have an additional few hours, but only if necessary, on Monday morning.

Again, not a physically demanding job, but the more people we have, the faster we’re done.

The contest and the expo area will require the most work breaking down and can only commence after the displays are cleared after the award ceremony on Sunday.

The rest of the show is always cleared rather fast.

Let us know if you’re willing to help out, especially if you’re still around on Monday.

Required Sunday 3rd July from appr. 15:30 until 20:00 hrs 

Contest Photographers & Assistants

We need additional photographers to photograph the medal winning models.
Also if you’re a star in report photography please come forward.

We need both type of images for the WME 2022 book that will be released by Guideline Publications later in 2022.

We also need photos of the medal winning models to be used in the slide show during the award ceremony.

With lots of models, lots medals can be expected, so additional photographers are essential.

We also need photography assistants to search for the models on the tables and bring them to the photobooth and back to the tables.

Required on July 1-2-3

Contest Stewards

At the contest area and at the exhibition showcases & displays we need stewards. Stewards work in 2-hour shifts and in case you are interested in helping out, please let us know.

As a steward you are expected to make sure that the models in the contest or in the exhibition are safe from curious hands, swinging rucksacks, dangling camera cords, tablets in between fragile models etc.

If you are not shy and willing to do one or more two-hour steward shifts over the weekend, please let us know.

Required on July 1-2-3

Contact us if you want to volunteer at WME 2022

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