Dear visitors and exhibitors of the World Model Expo 2021 (!)

Yes indeed, the 11th World Model Expo is postponed to 2021

With the ever increasing Covid-19 pandemic and no short term solution to be expected, we had to draw the inevitable conclusion that the World Model Expo cannot be held as planned in July of this year.

As organizers, and on behalf of the World Model Soldier Federation, we also have a responsibility for health and safety of our visitors, exhibitors and staff, and we take this responsibility serious.

Continued and stricter measures in all countries with regards to internal and cross border travelling, and a ban on all events for a longer period of time,  have forced us in the past weeks to investigate the options and we can announce that the 11th World Model Expo in Eindhoven will now take place on July 2-3 and 4 2021.

We hope that the world be a healthier place in 15 months from now and that all of you will stay safe and healthy.

Practical info:

Hotel rooms: The hotel, NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof,  has informed us that it is not possible for them to automatically change all reservations that are made. Practically this means that all room reservations will be cancelled, obviously free of charge,  and that you should make new reservations as soon as we can re-open the NH event tool again. We are sorry that we cannot bring you any better news, but we do not run the hotel.

We will announce on this website and on Facebook when the NH Event Tool can be used for reservations again.

Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy, and act wisely.

Your WME 2021 team

 How to book a room at the venue NH hotel?

We had planned to open the hotel reservations, using the dedicated NH event tool from 1st July onwards. However, due to various circumstances this has been postponed a bit.

We plan to open the hotel reservations tool of NH roughly around late August 2020 now.

The new management of the hotel has also implemented some new terms for reservations made at the NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof.

The most important terms for you to consider is that you can only book the rooms using a credit card and that the hotel with actually will be crediting the due amount starting early April 2021, 3 months before the actual event. This term of payment before your arrival was implemented by the hotel management to avoid a scenario where people book one year ahead and cancel last minute leaving the hotel with empty rooms that are impossible to fill less than a week before the event. Unfortunately this has happened frequently over the years leaving empty rooms where otherwise people that are really eager to stay close to the event could have stayed.

Because there will be several large events in Eindhoven early July next year, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you look for a hotelroom in Eindhoven or in the vicinity of the event right now, and make a reservation without obligatory payment. (You can use the list of alternative places to stay on this page (PDF) as a guideline, but there are more options of course).
This way you will be assured of a place to stay during the World Model Expo, and in case you will be able to book a room at the NH hotel as soon as these become available, you can cancel your previous reservation elsewhere without any problem or additional charges. 

Your World Model Expo Team

Staying at NH Hotel Eindhoven “Koningshof”

NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof is situated in a former convent just outside the cities outskirts. With surrounding forest area, and many quite spots in- and outside the buildings NH Koningshof you are certain of a perfect World Model Expo experience.

A nearby bus stop, opposite of the hotel entrance, makes it easy to reach from Eindhoven Central station with public transport. It´s only 20 minutes by bus to the centre of Eindhoven.

NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof offers great sports facilities, including a gym, an indoor sports court, squash courts, outdoor tennis court, but also a solarium and sauna, bike-rental and even a 27-holes golf course in its vicinity.

The convention centre offers four main event halls and 120 conference rooms with 2.200 parking spaces.

The hotel has 509 rooms, split into 159 single and 350 twin rooms, and there are several bars and restaurants to enjoy good drinks and food.

Alternative places to stay

Obviously there are many more hotels and other places to stay in and around EIndhoven.

We have listed a number of alternative places to stay and we have merely looked at hotels located along the motorways leading to NH Eindhoven.  All of the listed hotels, B&B’s and campings (with rental chalets) are situated at or near to the A67 leading from Venlo to Antwerp or the A2 leading from Amsterdam to Maastricht. Besides the hotels on this list, there are numerous hotels in the city of Eindhoven, which may be a consideration if you have to come to the venue by public transport.

Please click on the icon on the left for the list in PDF format. The links to the websites are interactive on that PDF, so just click on them to be guided further. 

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