Please find the answers to some common questions about the 2022 World Model Expo

Admission Tickets

Can I already buy admission tickets?

Not yet.

We will start selling online tickets in January 2022. And don’t worry, there is no limit to the number of tickets on sale,  so the chances of selling out are about 0%.

Hotel rooms
Can I already book hotel rooms for the World Expo 2022?

No you can’t.

NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof is currently working on the event reservation tool and we will infom you via this website, on the hotel reservations page and on the News Desk page and on social media as soon rooms can be booked again. We aim for the final quarter of 2021, but this could be extended to early 2022.

On the Hotel reservations page, there will be a link to the NH reservations system dedicated to WME2022 guests and there is also a list (PDF format) with a selection of alternative hotels and other places to stay in the Eindhoven area. 


Vendor stands
Can I already book a vendor stand?

Not at the moment, but we expect to take new reservations in November or December 2021.

In case you would like to be informed in case space becomes available in case we have any cancellations, please make sure that you are signed up for the mailing list that you can find on the Trade page of this website. 

How do I register my vendor stand?

In order to register you need be invited. In the invitation you will also find information on how to get access to the WME Vendor Portal. This Portal will provide you with all specific information for vendors, including a link to the actual registration form.

We only accept registrations that are made via this registration form! 

Where can I find information about the costs of a vendor stand?

Full information for vendors is available in the vendor portal

Here is some basic  information, that might be useful before you sign up for the vendors inviation list as mentioned above.

Please note that all of the mentioned rates are for the entire duration of the show, three full days!

Table 200x75cm   : € 160 / table *  (€ 180 for reservation made within 4 months of the event)
Empty floor space    : € 75/meter (100×75 cms) **  (€ 85 reservation within 4 months of the event)

* As standard, all sales tables will be delivered including black table covers. You may use your own over these of course.

**In case you bring your own tables please be informed that bare tables are not permitted and that tables should be properly covered. 

Empty floor space (e.g. for display racks) may be combined with tables.

All stands will have access to power supply, but you are required to bring your own extension cords or power strips (230V/EU plug!)

Additional costs
Per stand (regardless of the size of the stand or number of tables) there will be an additional service charge of € 40

These service costs are charged by the venue per stand for cleaning, power supply, waste disposal etc. and are charged to you on integral basis.

All vendors are required to be present at the show during the entire duration of event: 3 days, Friday to Sunday. Provisional opening hours: Fri/Sat  10:00-17:00 , Sun 10:00-17:00

All prices are excluding VAT. 

Invoices to Dutch vendors and vendors without a VAT number will be subject to 21% VAT. Non-Dutch vendors with a VAT number will be subject to VAT reverse charge.

Contest (or: “Judged Exhibition”)


Can I already enter my models for the contest?

No. Registration for  the contest, or as it’s called in the true spirit of the World Model Expo : the “judged exhibition”  will only open in March 2022.

Participation fees are mentioned on the dedicated contest page of this website.

Do I have to pay for a ticket when I participate in the contest?

Yes, contest fee and admission fee are seperate.

Want to be part of the WME team?


Can I help and be part of the WME team?

Oh yes, you can. 

We can certainly use extra hands for different jobs at WME

Check out the special jobs page to see what we are looking for.

My company would like to contribute to the World Model Expo as a sponsor. Do you have any information about the possibilities?

Yea please. An event like the World Model Expo cannot be held without any substantial financial support.

In case you wish to be a World Model Expo Partner, please send us an email using the contact form and we will get back to you. 

Still need help? Send us a note by using the contact form

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