More information on rules, classes, pricing and everything else concerning the World Model Expo contest will follow in the cause of 2019.  Registration will start in April 2020.


The 11th World Model Expo will also host the world’s largest contest, or judged exhibition as it is officially referred to. Expect to see over 3.000 pieces, figures and scale models (ordnance).

For those of you who are not familiar with the World Model Expo and the way the judged exhibition works, we will gather all info on this page.

But first, a brief history and explanation:



World Model Soldier Expositions all employ the Open System Exhibition Structure.  The Open System was developed in the early 1980s by the late Sheperd Paine, and has been in common use at all major shows in North America for nearly four decades.  It was introduced to international exhibitions at the first World Expo, held in Washington D.C. in 1993.  The central premise of the Open System is to recognize good modelers and encourage promising ones.

The Open System reduces categories to a minimum and eliminates the concept of a fixed number of awards (i.e., first, second, third) given by narrow category, allowing the level of work on display to determine the number and level of awards given. Thus, it is a juried exhibition and not a contest as such; as many awards are given as there are deserving pieces, and no modeler receives an award at the expense of, or instead of, another deserving modeler.


If you have any questions concerning the WME contest, please drop us a line

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