Registration will start in March 2021

Dear visitors and exhibitors of the World Model Expo 2021 (!)

The new dates for the 11th World Model Expo are 2-3-4 July 2021!

Because the world is still dealing with the Covid-19 virus, and worldwide regulations are still in play and unfortunately different everywhere, we have set up a News Desk page to keep you informed about the actual status of the event.

Please keep an eye on the News Desk Page for the latest news and updates. Of course we will keep all specific pages up to date as well, but the News Desk is the first and most updated place to be informed about the 11th World Model Expo.

Your WME 2021 team

The 11th World Model Expo will also host the world’s largest contest, or judged exhibition as it is officially referred to. Expect to see over 3.000 pieces, figures and scale models (ordnance).

For those of you who are not familiar with the World Model Expo and the way the judged exhibition works, we will gather all info on this page.

But first, a brief history and explanation:


World Model Soldier Federation expositions all employ the Open System Exhibition Structure. 

The Open System was developed in the early 1980s by the late Sheperd Paine, and has been in common use at all major shows in North America for nearly four decades.  It was introduced to international exhibitions at the first World Expo, held in Washington D.C. in 1993. 

The central premise of the Open System is to recognize good modelers and encourage promising ones.

The Open System reduces categories to a minimum and eliminates the concept of a fixed number of awards (i.e., first, second, third) given by narrow category, allowing the level of work on display to determine the number and level of awards given. Thus, it is a juried exhibition and not a contest as such; as many awards are given as there are deserving pieces, and no modeler receives an award at the expense of, or instead of, another deserving modeler.

Understanding the WME 2021 contest

In case you are not familiar with a World Model Expo and the Open System, and its definitions and (sub) divisions we suggest that you take some time to read the following information :

ORDNANCE: With ordnance we mean scale models, which is basically everything that is not a figure.

The contest is split up into three major categories: Historical figures, Fantasy Figures and Ordnance (scale modelling) each with their own Best of Show Awards.

Each division is split up in two subdivisions: Open and Painting

The Open Division (Figures Open Historical & Figures Open Fantasy) is for scratch built/extensively converted figures.
Open Ordnance is for vignettes, dioramas and boxed dioramas.

The Painters Divisions: Figures Painting Historical, Figures Painting Fantasy and all Painting Ordnance,  are for painted stock kits and figures.

The Masters level is for those modelers who wish to exhibit their work, and have it judged, alongside the best modelers in the world.

There are no qualifications or credentials required for a modeler to enter work in the Masters Level divisions.  Although referred to as a “Masters” level, it is open to any who wish their work to be judged at the highest level.

The Standard Level is for modelers with developing skills who feel they are not yet ready to be judged among the Master modelers.

The Junior level is the third level is and meant for young modelers, twelve (12) and under.
Modelers in this age group are still free to enter their work at either the Standard or Masters levels, instead of the Junior Level, should they choose to do so.

At WME 2021 one overall Best of Show award will given. 


We recommended that you read the classes, rules and the judging criteria closely. This will help you to understand our contest and you will be able to select the correct class to enter your model(s). You will also find more detailed information about the contest than you can see on this page only.

We have taken several measures to avoid long queues during registration. You will find how we intend to do that and what you can contribute to ensure a fast and smooth registration process during the show and avoid possible cues.

We would like to remind you that the contest area will be closed during judging, which means that the contest room will close on Saturday 3rd July from 15:00 onwards and will only re-open to visitors on Sunday 4th, at 10:00 until closing of the show

Special SMC award class for sculpted and unpainted figures at WME2021

Since the rules of the World Model Soldier Federation do not allow unpainted exhibits to be awarded in the WME contest, we have decided to honour the skills, and arts and crafts of figure sculptors in a separate class, the Scale Model Challenge (SMC) Green Awards class.

On behalf of SMC we will award entries in this class, that is additional of the official World Model Expo contest, with separate SMC medals.

You can enter your pieces through the same online registration system as all other entries. Costs for participating is also similar.

All exhibits entered in the SMC Green Awards class should be unpainted. Not painted also means: No  primer!  Both hand sculpted and 3D sculpted exhibits are allowed to be entered.  You can enter historical and fantasy pieces in the SMC Green Awards class and there is no distinction between levels.

All other rules of the WME contest apply.


The awards ceremony is held on Sunday 4th July and starts at 15:00 hrs, in the Dieze hall that also serves as the main catering area. You can find the location on the floor plan on this website.

On Sunday morning you can already see if you have won a medal. We will mark all medal winning models with a generic card. These cards only indicate that you won a medal, but do not reveal which one. We wish to keep that surprise until the awards ceremony.

Highly Commended (HC) awards will not be handed over on stage, but you will find a card added to your winning model, which you can use to claim your HC award at the contest registration desk on Sunday between 13:00 and 15:00.

We welcome all prizes by vendors or clubs, but in order to reduce the length of the awards ceremony we kindly request all vendors and clubs that offer a prize to add that prize to the model/figure on the contest tables.

Important to know – PLEASE READ!  :

  • Participation fee for the WME contest is € 22.50 (comemmorative gift included) for pre-registered participants and € 35 for registrations made on July 2 or 3 at the show.
  • Pre-registrations for the contest should be paid in advance through our online registration system. Only after payment you can print your registration- or owners list.
  • Unpaid pre-registrations will remain valid, but wil be charged at the full amount of €35 at the show. 
  • The contest participation fee does not include the entrance fee to the show! You can obtain entry tickets separately online or at the tickets counters at the show.
  • Participants are requested to pick up their contest papers (see below) and place their models on the  contest tables on Friday 3 July between 10:00 to 16:00 and on Saturday 3 July from 10:00 to 12:00. Model registration closes at 12:00 on 3rd July, strict!
  • For security reasons picking up your models from the contest tables is allowed on Sunday 4th July from 15:30 onwards only, No exceptions will be made!. You are participating in a unique event, the World Model Expo, and you are kindly requested to plan your journey back home accordingly.
  • Model-pick up at the WME 2021 will be under guidance. Again, for security reasons we cannot allow all participants at once to collect their models. A maximum number of participants will be allowed into the contest area from 15:30 onwards. When leaving the contest area with your models you will be required to show the models and your registration- or owners list (which you receive during registration) to the contest security stewards on duty.
  • Highly Commended pins are not given on stage, but should be collected at the contest registration area on Sunday 4th July between 12:00 and 15:00. In case you have been awarded a HC, you will find a small card on the contest table next to your model.  Take this card, and your registration list with you, in order to collect your HC award.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded on stage at the award ceremony that starts at 15:00 on Sunday 4th July.

There are two options for entering the competition:

1. PRE-REGISTRATION (preferred method)

Through the online registration application EMPEROR, from 1 Marchl until  20 June 2021, 22:00 hrs, CET.

In Emperor you will create your own account, using your own password. You can make any changes on-line until pre-registration closes on 20th June 2021. Changes after that date can only be made by our staff at the contest desk at the WME.

Pre-registration fee is only valid when you have paid the € 22.50 contest fee online.

Pre-registrations that have not been paid before June 20, 22:00 hrs CET,  will remain valid, but you will be required to pay the day registration fee of €35! 

On 2 and 3  July, there will be four desks especially for pre-registrations.

One desk will be for pre-registrations that require changes (e.g. adding or deleting models. This sometimes happens, but takes a bit more time to process) , and two more desks are for pre-registrations that do not require changes  . We split those two desks for participants by alphabet (last name).
Please note that making changes in your pre- registration on Friday or Saturday at the show will slow down the administrative process considerably. It will also be me more expensive for you, so in case you need to make changes, please make them yourself, if possible, before June 21.

Upon arrival at the show, please proceed to the correct desk to collect an envelope that contains a copy of your owners list, stickers, cards, and markers to border your display(s).


on 2 July between 10:00 and 16:00 or  3 July between 10:00 and 12:00(!) hrs.

Contest fee for day registrations is € 35

If you have not paid the pre-registration fee before June 20, your entries remain valid, but you will be required to pay € 35 at the show.

Changes made at the show will also be regarded as a day entry and you will be required to pay the difference between  the two fees:
€ 12.50

In case you have not pre-registered, you should enter all data yourself at the terminals we have available for you in the contest area. We also provide assistance, should you need any. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Jury of WME 2021 (pre-limenary)


Ordnance Division

(Scale Modelling) 

Head Judge:
Ivan Cocker (MT)

Mike McCabe (UK)
Francesco Majorana (IT)
Marijn van Gils (B)
Chema Cabrero (E)
René van der Hart (NL)
Chris Meddings (UK)
Jan Goormans (B)
José Brito (P)
Rubén González Hernández (E)
Douglas Lee (KOR)
Volker Bembennek (D)
Joaquin Garcia Gazquez (E)
Rudi Meir (B)
Jeroen Veen (NL)
Markus Eriksson (SE)
Bernard Lustig (D)
Michael Rinaldi (USA)
Fabio Sacchi (IT)
Mario Eens (B)
Giuseppe de Carolis (IT)
Lester Plaskitt (UK)

Historical Figure Division

Head judge:
Fabio Nunnari (IT)

Alberto Fabri (IT)
Young B Song (KOR)
Ray Faruggia (MT)
Carsten Abel (D)
Dmitry Fesechko (RUS)
Danny Pollaert (B)
Antonio Zapatero (E)
Alan Ball (UK)
Christos Panagiotopoulos (GR)
Danilo Cartacci (IT)
Rick Taylor (CND)
Greg di Franco (USA)
Pepe Gallardo (E)
Marion Ball (CH)
Stephen Mallia (MT)
Dennis Levy (USA)
Mike Blank (SE)
Andrea Tessarini (IT)

Fantasy Figure Division


Head judge: 
Francesco Farabi (IT)

Roman Lappat (D)
Helen Bourch (BEL)
Mirko Cavalloni (IT)
John Keys (UK)
Robert Karlsson (SE)
Ivan Hortal (E)
Valentin Zak (FR)
Jung Ju Won (KOR)
Pietro Balloni (IT)
Diego Esteban Perez (E)
Kirill Kanaev (RUS)
Massimiliano Richiero (IT)
José Manuel Palomares (E)
Fabrizio Russo (IT)
Kiriakos Simos (GR)
Marc Masclans (E)
Patrick Masson (FR)
Luca Baldino (IT)

Registration will open on March 1, 2021. Stay tuned!









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