Deadlines for ticket sales and floorplan published

Deadlines for ticket sales, Floorplan WME 2022 and hotelrooms at the venue.

Ticket deadlines:

We would like to inform you that certain tickets that are on sale now have a deadline for ordering.

  • All admission tickets can be purchased even at the weekend of the show, but…
  • VIP tickets are available in limited numbers and when they are gone, they’re gone.
  • Workshop tickets are for sale until June 15th, and then you cannot book a seat at a workshop anymore.
  • Merchandise presales stops June 6th. After that you can only buy the official WME apperel at the show, while stock lasts.
  • BBQ tickets are only available until June 19th. At the show it is not possible to purchase BBQ tickets.

All tickets are available here


And finally, the contest pre-registration closes on June 19th 22:00 (that’s 10 PM) CET. Until then you can change your entries in the account you made and pay the reduced contest fee of € 22,50 online. You can find our contest app EMPEROR here.

After that deadline, you can no longer change your entries by yourself or pay the fee online. Your entries will remain valid if you haven’t paid, but you’ll have to pay at the show and the full amount of € 35. Only our staff can make changes for you in your entries at the show . Also if you add any pieces to your entries, and have already paid the reduced pre-registration fee, we will do this , but please note that this requires changes in the paperwork, which takes time. And notice that you will be required to pay the additional € 12,50.

FYI: in case you have to leave one or two pieces that you registered at home, it’s not a huge issue. It simply won’t be on the contest tables, therefore cannot be judged. Reason we mention this is, is that we suggest you enter all the pieces you intend to bring before June 19th, even if you’re still working on it. If you can’t finish it on time, well, no harm done. After all, you don’t pay per piece but a fixed entry fee. Adding pieces at the show is a different story, as these need to be recorded, which is more time consuming and causes longer qeues.


We have published the floorplan of WME 2022. Check out where your favourite brands or suppliers are located. Or where you can find the bar, should that be your subject of interest 🙂 You’ll find the floorplan here


We have received a message from the hotel that there is a small number of standard double rooms left. If you want to be close to the centre of the universe on 1-2-3 July…..this is your chance. Go to the hotel reservation page

See you 1-2-3 July

Your World Model Expo Team

Workshop update

On July 1-2-3 the 11th “Miniature Olympics” will finally take place,  and besides a gigantic number of vendors, there will be a huge contest for which you can pre-register until June 19th:
We also offer a large number of workshops during these three days and we would like to highlight two of them today.
David Parker (UK) will show you in depth,how to make the most of your tank crew in your next project. A hands on addition to his publication “Crew School”, so to speak, and a perfect workshop to enhance your figure conversion skills.
Penny Meyer (USA) is a renowned flat figure painter and in her workshop she will show you the use of the classical technique of underpainting to obtain great results. Highly recommended, as this technique is certainly not limited to flat figures, but also applicable to round figures.
All information about these workshops and everything else regarding the World Model Expo 2022 is published on this website:

Workshops WME2021 Update

Update for the 2021 workshops

We have cleaned up the registrations  that we received before we had to postpone the WME to 2021.

In April 2020 we sent all registered participants an email, in which we asked them to let us know before April 25, whether they’d like to keep their seats or wanted to be refunded.  We have handled all registrants  accordingly.

Those of you who had registered, but had not paid the invoice yet, at the time we announced that we had to postpone the event, and (sorry to say), who have not bothered to reply to our messages,  have now been deleted from the participants list. This means, that in some cases, the workshops that were fully booked may have seats available again. You can check on the individual pages of the workshop teachers for availability.

So, if you registered and paid your invoice, and did not cancel, you’re good and you don’t need to do anything, except showing up in due time.

If you want to participate in 2021, then please keep an eye on this website to make sure not to miss out when we re-open the registrations.

Please note that we will only re-open registartions after we are certain that the event can take place, Because currently the Covid-19 pandemic is not under control and events like WME (or SMC) are still not possible to organize in the way they are intended.

For all workshop enquiries, please use the contact form on the Workshops page only! 

Your WME workshops team.


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