Workshop update

On July 1-2-3 the 11th “Miniature Olympics” will finally take place,  and besides a gigantic number of vendors, there will be a huge contest for which you can pre-register until June 19th:
We also offer a large number of workshops during these three days and we would like to highlight two of them today.
David Parker (UK) will show you in depth,how to make the most of your tank crew in your next project. A hands on addition to his publication “Crew School”, so to speak, and a perfect workshop to enhance your figure conversion skills.
Penny Meyer (USA) is a renowned flat figure painter and in her workshop she will show you the use of the classical technique of underpainting to obtain great results. Highly recommended, as this technique is certainly not limited to flat figures, but also applicable to round figures.
All information about these workshops and everything else regarding the World Model Expo 2022 is published on this website:

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