Hotel Reservations 2021

How to book a room at the venue NH hotel?

We had planned to open the hotel reservations, using the dedicated NH event tool from 1st July onwards.

However, the new hotel management said it will only open the event tool, and allocate the complete hotel, all 500+ rooms, for the WME2021, if we accept that all reservations are due for payment immediately upon reservation. Or simply put: you have to pay immediately when you book your room.  You would still be able to cancel without any charges until one week prior to the event and will be refunded by NH, but we believe that this new policy is not acceptable and unfair toward visitors of the WME, and we are still negotiating with NH about this.

Most likely scenario at this moment is that room reservations will open only 4 months before the event, so March 1, 2021. 

This would mean that in case the hotel at the venue is full, you would have to find another place to stay, relatively short before the event, which might be a problem.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you look for a hotelroom in Eindhoven  or in the vicinity of the event right now, and make a reservation without obligatory payment. (You can use the list of alternative places to stay on this page (PDF) as a guideline, but there are more options of course).
This way you will be assured of a place to stay during the World Model Expo, and in case you will be able to book a room at the NH hotel as soon as these become available, you can cancel your previous reservation elsewhere without any problem or additional charges.

We appologize that we cannot provide you with any better news at the moment, but as you know, we run the Expo, not the hotel.

Your World Model Expo Team

World Model Expo postponed to 2021

Dear visitors and exhibitors of the World Model Expo 2021 (!)

Yes indeed, the 11th World Model Expo is postponed to 2021

With the ever increasing Covid-19 pandemic and no short term solution to be expected, we had to draw the inevitable conclusion that the World Model Expo cannot be held as planned in July of this year.

As organizers, and on behalf of the World Model Soldier Federation, we also have a responsibility for health and safety of our visitors, exhibitors and staff, and we take this responsibility serious.

Continued and stricter measures in all countries with regards to internal and cross border travelling, and a ban on all events for a longer period of time,  have forced us in the past weeks to investigate the options and we can announce that the 11th World Model Expo in Eindhoven will now take place on July 2-3 and 4 2021.

We hope that the world be a healthier place in 15 months from now and that all of you will stay safe and healthy.

Practical info:

As the new dates are 15 months from, we cannot yet assure that the same teachers who had planned to conduct their workshops at the WME will be available then and if they will stay on board. We will first need to check with them and then will let you know if the workshop you booked for will take place at WME 2021. You can then decide whether you wish to cancel your registration or not.

We will send all participants an email about this in the days to come with the proper procedures. Please understand it will take time to get feedback from all the workshop teachers, so be patient and keep an eye on your email inbox, and the spam folder too.

We will send all registered vendors a newsletter by email, in which we explain the situation for them and which steps to take. We ask all registered vendors to watch their spam folder too,  so we can avoid unnecessary email traffic. Vendors can expect that email by Friday latest. Until then, please be patient.

Hotel rooms: The hotel, NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof,  has informed us that it is not possible for them to automatically change all reservations that are made. Practically this means that all room reservations will be cancelled, obviously free of charge,  and that you should make new reservations as soon as we can re-open the NH event tool again. We are sorry that we cannot bring you any better news, but we do not run the hotel.

We will announce on this website and on Facebook when the NH Event Tool can be used for reservations again.

Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy, and act wisely.

Your WME 2021 team

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